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Kate Moss visits Coty Factory to view her new fragrance

The top model, style icon and fashion designer Kate Moss has visited the Coty factory in Granollers, near Barcelona to see her new fragrance, Vintage Muse, coming off the production line.

Upon her arrival, Kate was greeted by the factory director, Patrick Bourque, who revealed that the factory is producing a staggering 60 bottles of Vintage Muse per minute, around the clock.

Kate was taken on a tour of the production line, where she met with the plant manager, Joan Castan. Ever friendly and approachable and clearly enjoying her visit, Kate chatted with production line workers before posing for photos with the factory team and signing the first Vintage Muse bottles off the production line.

Kate’s visit was completed with a meeting with Frank Völkl, the perfumer who created Vintage Muse. Both Kate and Frank were interviewed about the creation process for the new fragrance. During this, Kate explained that Vintage Muse was inspired by a Warhol-style black and white image that conveyed a strong, iconic feel, and that she designed the fragrance for strong, confident women. She also spoke of her love of the ‘sexy, night-time feel’ of musk, the key note around which Vintage Muse is built. And revealed that she is passionate about fragrance - she keeps a bottle in her handbag and wouldn’t leave the house without wearing it.

Perfumer Frank Völkl explained that musk was chosen as the centrepiece of Vintage Muse as it’s such a favourite scent of Kate’s, and represents her sensuality and femininity. This warm, velvety note is dressed with a touch of flowers and fruit for freshness, and chocolate for maximum addiction.

Vintage Muse: The Fragrance
Available from September 2010, Vintage Muse is a unique expression of Kate, the woman, and her role as a muse. This modern floral musk has a clean and hidden dimension that reflects Kate’s multi-faceted charm. Sophisticated and memorable, Vintage Muse evokes Kate’s breath-taking beauty and feminine allure.



source: Vintage Muse

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