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C.L.A.S.S. offers SS 2011 collections


C.L.A.S.S. - Creativity, Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy - is pleased to present the exclusive collections SS 2011 by fashion partners including Caira Design, G.O.D.D., Juste un Sac, Mori-Mondo, Rianne de Witte, Yoshiki Hishinuma, Così nero quasi blue, Reggiani, 959.

Caira Design collection, belonging to the Repurposed and Recycled category, is designed by Francesca Caira, fashion stylist who transforms old clothes and fabrics into new creations. Details, fabrics and vintage shapes are re-designed following couture procedures which characterize the exclusive Unique line, consisting of only unique items. A man’s jacket becomes a skirt, a shirt becomes a top, a waistcoat becomes a kimono-jacket. Light and natural colours combine with intense and deep hues which enhance the perfect balance between purity and sophistication.

The G.O.D.D. (Garden of Denim Design) collection, in the Naturals & Organics category, is born from the eco-chic idea of the Design Factory team, fashion design studio based in Istanbul. A line consisting of both vintage inspired creations and exclusive interpretations of denim which blend contemporary comfort with a highly fashion-oriented style. Tops, vests and t-shirt dresses are characterized by graphic prints, worn-out effects and sensual cuts created with the addition of recycled material such as seatbelts.

The Juste un Sac collection, in the Naturals & Organics/Innovative Renewables category, expresses all the elegance and appeal of organic fibres such as cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp and vegetable tanned leather shaped into a bag. It creates true accessories characterized by a versatile, ultra-contemporary and timeless style. A series of refined and functional models, for both day and evening show true Italian craftsmanship and range from rigid and shaped silhouettes to soft and unstructured volumes.

The Mori-Mondo collection, Repurposed and Recycled category, reuses and recycles old garments giving them a second life through a unique restyling. The creations are tailored (also upon request) according to the fabric and the colours of the recycled garments.

Blazers, shirts, waist coats, tracksuits, shorts and t-shirts reveal their two-fold soul through creative and fancy styles inspired by contemporary taste and high quality handmade items. It’s a new fashion process called “Fabric Surgery”, because fabrics are literally ‘operated’ by adding original decorations, transformed with sartorial cuts, tanned and enriched with random prints which range from urban spirit to a vintage touch with a casualstreet wear confidence typical of the modern wardrobe.

Rianne de Witte from the Netherlands designed a collection belonging to the Naturals & Organics category, characterised by the use of pure and innovative materials. By following the “slow fashion” philosophy, she creates refined and minimal style clothes which last beyond time and trends.

The “Seascape” collection is characterized by clean lines and shapes with close-fitting parts and soft drapes. Hyper feminine, sensual and easy to wear, the total look studied for the next S/S 2011 proposes the timeless navy stripes, fish prints and micro check from the Eighties, along with vibrant tones such as turquoise and purple, and pastel shades like yellow and green.

The collection of the Japanese stylist Yoshiki Hishinuma, in the Naturals & Organics category, has organic cotton as its main fabric: an absolutely white canvas or dyed with the colours of flowers and plants such as Gardenias, Irises and Cherry Blossoms. Shapes are clear and minimal; the design is conceptual, as natural as straight or wavy surfaces moved by gatherings and very light pleats. True sensations are transformed into essential and versatile clothes to be worn in different ways. They are not fashion uniforms but aesthetic expressions of our moods.

They are intimate, discreet, luxurious, not only owing to the noble fabrics but also for their durability and contemporary dynamic nature where quality and emotion load up with memories, places and timeless atmospheres.

The “capsule collection” that launched the ‘Così nero quasi blue’ line (So black it’s almost blue), designed by Federica Martin Wedard, reflects an extremely refined and versatile creative vision, where women’s elegance codes are based on the most exclusive contrasts.

Beyond the surface, contemporary femininity is brought out by the perfect balance between sartorial taste and design innovation, exalted by the use of organic fabrics which express the endless potentials of sustainable materials. These fibres are treated and processed to become light, breathable and hyper-comfortable: Biosatin, Biodenim, Bamboo linen, Shatul (a mix of silk and hemp with a pearly effect) and Farfara (a jersey obtained from a crab shell fibre).

The collection designed by Elena Reggiani is the official debut of a unique and exclusive project, born from Italian know-how, where sartorial craftsmanship, cuttingedge fabrics and colours create the new codes of modern style. The revolutionary prêt-à-porter line proposes clothes made of natural materials with a body-modelling fit and highly elastic qualities based on the concept of elegance in movement. The garments enhance the body’s form through a new wearability.

Dedicated to the refined and independent character of contemporary women, the collections consist of models with timeless and pure forms decorated by small fans, curls and sensual flounces. Besides the extraordinary body-modelling techniques and the delicate ‘modern retro’ taste, Elena Reggiani’s creative vision chooses the colour as the new aesthetic and stylistic guide, unveiling a palette of vibrant and sophisticated colours.

959 is an original, versatile and innovative eco-design line created by designer Paolo Ferrari. The brand’s name stands for 1959, the year Volvo introduced seatbelts. Every design piece signed 959 is absolutely Made in Italy and derives from the recovery and reuse of seatbelts. The belts are washed, sanitized and divided according to their surface type. Finally they are cut, stitched and assembled by expert craftsmen giving birth to a unique range of objects with a distinctive, essential, timeless style.


source: C.L.A.S.S.

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