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Indian cotton arrivals drop in first fortnight of Jan

The all India Cotton arrivals dropped to approximately 1.6 lakh bales as farmers were focused on harvesting of rice and also on advice from Agriculture departments in some states like Karnataka recommending them to hold cotton kappas for a month and sell their chilly harvest at the moment.

This has had some influence on them to withhold their stocks of kappas with a hope to get better prices for their produce.

As per trade sources approximately 1.6 crore bales have arrived in the Indian market till 15th January. Market is expecting that an increased inflow could stabilise cotton lint prices. On a look at the state wise cotton arrivals the inflow was regular and prices of seed cotton was above MSP and reasonable.

North Zone [Punjab /Haryana/Rajasthan]

Arrivals are slowly decreasing in this region. Good quality Punjab J-34 r/g is quoted at Rs.4,630 per maund while in Haryana J-34 r/g is quoted at Rs.4,540 per maund.

Rajasthan J-34 r/g is quoted at Rs.4,560 per maund. Sirsa, Abhohar and Hanumangarh reported reasonable quantity of arrivals compared to last season. Price factor also favourd arrivals of kappas at Mandies.

Nearby Mills are planning bulk buying. South Mills find it costlier due to prohibitive transportation costs. Weather is conducive for harvesting. Second picking is also on in some areas, while sprouting is also seen in certain areas.


In the past fortnight, cotton scenario in Gujarat was, mostly influenced by the tempo of arrivals on day to day basis, with prices of S-6 moving up, gradually from the band of Rs.40,500 to Rs.40,700 /cdy spot to Rs.43,000 / cdy spot as reported by various ginners from Rajkot Area. The main reason for the spurt in rates is reduced arrivals, due to farmers holding capacity, coupled with exporter’s enquiry.

As per the ginners, based on kappas rate of Rs.1,100 / Md (Rs.5,500 per Qtl), the cost of lint works out to Rs.45,000/cdy spot, against market rate of Rs.43,000 /cdy spot.

Different opinions are, expressed by various quarters of the industry, predicting prices will remain firm only, even after the festival holidays, and also prices may fall to a certain extent, when the arrival pressure builds up, which is to be watched. Daily kappas arrivals are between 50,000 to 65,000 bales. Approximately 60 lakh bales have been pressed in Gujarat till now.

Good quality V797 is quoted at Rs. 31,200/- spot per candy. Demand for export to Pakistan & Bangladesh is popular as per reports.


Kappas arrivals are expected to increase as farmers may start bringing their kappas stocks. Good quality Mech-1 is quoted Rs.42,800/-Spot per candy while low micronaire Mech-1 is quoted at Rs.42,000/- Spot per candy. Vani, Parbhani etc. mandies are receiving lots regularly. 

Madhya Pradesh:

In M.P, MECH.1 - 30mm with 3.8 + mic quality is being, transacted at Rs.42,700 /cdy spot, from Khargone, Sendhwa stations. Regarding, DCH.32, continuous export demand from Bangladesh kept the rates firm.

Still micronaire in DCH.32, is causing concern, with variation ranging from 3.0 to 3.8, depends on the areas of growths. Good quality bunny is quoted at Rs. 42,700/- spot per candy while Dch-32 is priced at Rs.65,000/- Spot per candy. Ratlam, Sendhwa, Burhampur, Khargone and jabhua etc mandies reported arrivals in fairly good quantity and DCh32 Kappas prices were fairly good.

Andhra Pardesh

The kappas prices in Andhra Pradesh is at Rs.5050 per quintal and good quality 30mm Bunny cotton is quoted at Rs.43,000/-Spot per candy. But Mills are hesitant to buy at the current prices In Guntur 31 mm was quoted at Rs 44,000/-spot per candy. In Warangal 30 mm was quoted at Rs.43,500/-spot per candy. Khammam, Adilabad reported good arrivals. Here again quality complaints like moisture, low mic, etc. were reported by dealers.


Approximately 50% kappas has arrived in the North Karnataka region and approximately 40% kappas has arrived in the Raichur, Yadgiri and Jawargi areas bordering Andhra Pradesh. Farmers are reluctant to bring kappas as they want better prices for their produce. As per news paper reports the Agriculture Department of Karnataka has recommended the farmers to sell their chilly produce at the moment and sell their kappas in February.

Good quality 29mm Bunny is quoted at Rs.42,700/- per candy spot and good quality 30 mm bunny is quoted at Rs.43,800/-spot and Dch-32 of good parameters is quoted at Rs.68,000/-Spot per candy.

Tamil Nadu:

New crop kappas is arriving in areas surrounding Salem, Perambalur, Tiruppathur, Vizhuppuram, Panruti, Annur etc. and the quality is good this season like last year and farmer’s are fetching good rates for their kappas at the moment due to good demand from local Mills.

Ginner’s are selling 31 mm Bunny cotton for Rs.47,000/- Spot per candy. Mills are in a confused state due to the sudden fluctuation of cotton prices in the last fortnight. So far about 70000 bales might have arrived. Land Preparation for summer crop planting began in Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam, Erode, part of Salem district.


The New York index was steady to firm in around 84.79 cents per lbs with A index at 89.45 per lbs. This may lead to increase in cotton quotes by traders for international cotton and Indian cotton. China’s cotton stock stocking policy is being closely monitored by global cotton market analysts and advisors and investors. Pakistan cotton prices firmed up on renewed demand from mills.

Source:Indian Cotton Federation
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