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High temperature and pressure yarn conditioning machine
Post Date :2010-10-25
Expire Date :2006-08-05
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Detailed Trade Lead Description
Yarn Steaming Tanker/Yarn Boiler/Cloth Steaming tanker Jinhu Jingming Machinery Company Limited in Jiangsu Province has exploited the products of Yarn Steaming Tanker, Yarn Boiler and Cloth Steaming Tanker on the base of Vacuum Steaming Shaper, cooperating with foreign enterprises in the last few years. The product quality reaches the world advanced level of the same field. The Cloth Steaming Tanker is applicable to shape the corrugated cloth, colored umbrella cloth and the printed cloth, laciness, curtains, printed towels, soft nap cloth, and printed cashmere sweaters. The Yarn Steaming tanker/Yarn Boiler is applicable to shape fiber like the sewing thread, silk, continuous yarn filament, cotton yarn, cashm, trademark silk, acrylics tow, printed wool tops and by the vacuum heat. The specification and the model number of the yarn steaming tanker/yarn boiler for order are identical with the vacuum steaming shaper. We can not only provide the basic craft and parameter, but also the test samples of the same zone and visiting service. The technique parameter is as follows: Purpose of wetting 1, Increase humidity(weight) 2, Improve the characteristic Increase the strength, flexibility Better thick feeling Without static electricity loading 3, Reduce fiber hair 4, Well-proportioned humidity Purpose of steaming 1, Fix the twists after spinning 2, Fix the twists after being let out from the reel 3, No tangle 4, Well-proportioned twists Purpose of shaping 1, Stability 2, Limpness 3, Non-shrinking 4, Preshrinking Material 1, 100% cottons 2, 100% wools 3, 100% viscose fibers 4, Mixture of fibers Material 1, Natural fiber 2, Synthetic fiber 3, Mixture of fibers Material 1, Synthetic fiber, polyester fiber, chem-fiber, acrylics etc. 2, Textured yarn 3, Continuous twisted yarn filament 4, Wool tops and chopped fiber Reels 1, Various plastic yarn reels or the hard paper yarn reels 2, Cheaper hard paper yarn reels Reels 1, Various steam yarn reels and heat-proof yarn reels 2, Various ring type reels 3, Recommended hard paper reels Reels 1, Various steam yarn reels and heat-proof yarn reels 2, Special reels for the constringency process 3, Containers for Wool tops and chopped fibers Working temperature 1, 50~80 2, The biggest vacuum 3, Amount to 90% (at 50 milli-Bas of sea level) Working temperature 1, 65~110 2, The biggest vacuum 3, Amount to 90% (at 100 milli-Bas of sea level) Working temperature 1, >100 2, The biggest vacuum 3, Amount to 90% (at 100 milli-Bas of sea level) To 95% (with special vacuum equipments) Working pressure -0.1MPa~0 Working pressure -0.1MPa~+0.1MPa Working pressure -0.1MPa~+0.4MPa Handling time 30~60 minutes Handling time 10~90 minutes Handling time 30~180 minutes (for yarn) 20~40 minutes (for wool tops and shopped fiber)
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